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28 February 2019

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Heels or No Heels – That is the Question

I’m currently planning my own wedding for late 2020 and one of the things I tend to find myself returning to think about, is whether or not I’ll wear high heels on the big day.

It’s a tough decision for many reasons – I’m relatively tall (just under 5ft 10), so it’s not like I feel like I need the height, and I know that I’ll be more comfortable in flat shoes, but I’ve got to admit that I am a heel lover. It’s definitely not an easy decision!

There’s pros and cons to each option, so here’s some of the things I’d suggest thinking about, when making the decision for your wedding:

  • Are heels appropriate for your wedding venue? This is worth bearing in mind for a variety of reasons. Some stately homes and more historic venues may actually have a ban on stiletto heels, due to the damage they can do to the flooring. If you’re thinking of wearing stiletto heels then it’s best to check this out before making up your mind! If you’re getting married somewhere more rural, this may also impact on the type of shoe its best to wear. Heels wouldn’t necessarily be ruled out, but it’s probably best to stay away from stilettoes as you may find yourself sinking in to the mud! You may also want to consider the colour and fabric of your shoes for rural weddings – clean, white shoes may look dirty very quickly whereas multi-coloured or patterned shoes are likely to stay looking good for longer
  • What style of shoe would you normally wear? If you’re not normally someone who wears heels, then you may not want to make your wedding day the first time. This goes both ways – if you are someone who wears heels all of the time, then you may feel a bit odd to suddenly not be wearing heels. Go with what feels normal to you
  • Are you worried about feeling comfortable? This is a big one, in my opinion. If you’re someone who regularly wears heels then this maybe applies less to you, but I think we’ll all agree that we all want to feel comfortable and free to enjoy our big day. To be fair, this is worth considering whether you go for high heels or flat shoes – I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that I’ve worn all kinds of shoes that have proved to be less than comfortable
  • Are you going to feel awkward when it comes to photographs? This may sound like an odd question, but as someone who looks forward to having lots of photos with my 5ft 2 mum and 5ft 3 sister on my wedding day – I feel like I may look a tad tall stood next to them in heels!

Depending on the style of dress you are going for, it’s likely that your dress will be fitted to you, to a length that is appropriate for the shoes you are planning on wearing. For that reason, it’s worth having a really good think about the shoes you’d like to go for, before having your dress fitted.

There’s so many styles you could go for – here are a few of my personal favourites:

Good luck with your search, and bear in mind that no matter what shoes we all settle on, we’re likely to kick them off when the dancing commences anyway!

Love Charlotte x

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