Should I Have a Wedding Theme?


08 November 2019

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Should I Have a Wedding Theme?

A few years ago the first step in wedding planning was ticking the little box that meant you had picked your wedding theme and colours.

This was definitely the case when I started to plan my own wedding over seven years ago. I know first hand that it can be very confusing and overwhelming when you are surrounded by a vast variety of beautiful wedding images. Scouring the internet and flicking through magazines for hours on end in search of a theme can be very stressful and time consuming.

Today, things are a little different and you don’t necessarily need a theme to design your wedding around.

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Sometimes colours are just enough and set enough of a tone to base your decor on. For example, I chose aubergine, baby blue and a dusky pink as my main colours and went for a ‘rustic’ vibe. The colours were enough to base everything on and after a consultation with my florist, we chose the perfect flowers and went from there!

If you have decided that you would like a theme for your wedding then try and choose one that reflects you and your fiance’s relationship and make sure that it has meaning. It is very important that you don’t take anything away from the day itself and it is all about celebrating the commitment you are making to each other.

A common theme is travel, and this makes sense if you and your husband met whilst travelling, you are avid travellers or you may even both be travel agents! But if you are just picking travel as a theme for your wedding for the sake of having a theme, then this is going to be very confusing for your wedding guests and seems very unnecessary and costly. It doesn’t really make sense!

A wedding theme doesn’t need to be something literal like travel, circus, or Gatsby – you could try something a bit more subtle such as elegant or rustic. No need for flapper girls, champagne fountains and Leo at your wedding (I wish!), you could simply use gold geometric shapes and a touch of glamour.

The theme doesn’t have to be throughout your entire wedding, adding small touches here and there that show both of your personalities is enough. Your guests will love these and they will tell a story to those that may not know you both so well.

In my opinion, if you want a strong wedding theme then you definitely can do and it can be done in amazing ways! Or you can opt for a hint of one with very personal touches based around you and your fiance which tell a story to your guests.

But most importantly, if you don’t want a wedding theme – then you don’t need to. There are no boxes that NEED to be ticked and no stress necessary. Do your wedding YOUR WAY. Pick colours and go from there.

And remember that if you need any help along the way we have many packages to suit all couples. Our styling service is there to help those that need assistance with the creative side of their big day. If you need a concept, moodboards and colour combinations, then get in touch as we would love to assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams! Check out our styling page for more information.

Happy wedding planning!

Love Nicole x

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