Postpone, Don't Cancel Your Wedding


15 May 2020

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Postpone, Don’t Cancel Your Wedding

After watching Sunday evening’s announcement given by Boris Johnson and then Monday’s round of updates and information, you may now be asking – what does this mean for my wedding? Do I need to cancel my wedding, or should I postpone?

Please do not cancel your wedding. There are two options for you, either postpone your wedding or keep the date if possible, for a more intimate wedding.

As stated in our UKAWP community photo – Postpone, don’t cancel, Your forever together will still be possible. We want you to have your happily ever after and if it can’t be now then we would advise that you wait.

As it stands, the new guidelines for weddings set by the government on Monday 11th May are as follows –

  • From 1st June small wedding ceremonies may be allowed. There is no clear answer to how many people this will allow but the number everyone is assuming at this time is five guests. This will include your witnesses and the person officiating the wedding.
  • From July the hospitality industry may be allowed to start to open again. This may leave room for slightly larger weddings to happen. But at this time we do not know what these weddings will look like.

Both of these steps depend on where we are at as a country, in regard to the scale of Coronavirus recovery. These are very important and logical steps that must be followed for everyone to remain safe at all times.

Therefore, couples with weddings in June/July (and possibly August/September) should decide what they want their weddings to look like. If you are longing for the huge beautiful wedding that you have been planning for weeks/months/years, then I would advise you to postpone your wedding. This type of wedding will be possible – just not now. If you were set on your wedding date, then try for the same date in a year’s time – this will be all the more special.

However, if you decide that you want to go ahead with your wedding and you are both happy to adapt to the government guidelines, there are many positives to having a small and intimate wedding. If you are happy to have a wedding with a few guests, and keep your guest list to a minimum, then you may be able to keep your original wedding date. Intimate weddings allow you to invite only those you truly want to spend your special day with. Depending on restrictions at the time, there may be more guidelines in place and a few safety rules to abide by, but weddings may be possible in the near future.

There you have your two choices. Two options that can be adapted to suit you and your wedding!

If you would like any further advice from us, then please do get in touch via our contact form. We would love to help you and give some personal guidance.

Love Nicole x

The lovely ladies featured in our UKAWP community message –

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