Getting Engaged on Valentine's Day


08 February 2020

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Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. You cannot deny that there’s a special something in the air on February 14th. I love to look around packed restaurants filled with couples out celebrating their relationship. Witnessing couples buying each other flowers. And just simply watching people be a little bit closer on a day that reminds us of what we have and that we should celebrate it.

Now I am not one for tacky love heart holding teddy bears or cheesy poems. Simply spending time together is how it should be!

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Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day and others don’t. Take us for example – Charlotte doesn’t enjoy Valentine’s Day and her and her fiancé choose not to celebrate it. Whereas I love all things Valentine’s Day – any excuse to do something special together! However, my husband and I did get engaged on Valentine’s Day (14 Valentine’s Days ago!) so we have even more reason to celebrate it.

Getting engaged on Valentine’s Day can be incredibly romantic. It all depends on how you feel about Valentine’s Day in general. I love the idea! What wouldn’t you love about being proposed to on such a romantic day! It certainly worked for us.

Here are a few tips for those that plan on getting engaged on Valentine’s Day –

  • Make sure that it is personal – millions of people get engaged on Valentine’s Day, so make sure that your proposal is personal to you and your partner. You don’t want to be the same as everyone else and share the same engagement story.
  • Keep in mind whether your loved one actually likes Valentine’s Day and that it is a special day that you enjoy together. They won’t find it as romantic as you do if they believe that it is a cheesy holiday!
  • Keep your proposal intimate and private. The nature of Valentine’s Day means the day is already special, you just need the right proposal to back it up.
  • Try not to be predictable! Some may be waiting to be proposed to and may expect it on Valentine’s Day. Try and take your partner by surprise and catch them off guard. Though saying that – I knew my engagement was coming, but that didn’t take anything away from it. It was still so special!
  • Keep elements of your engagement in mind as these could be incorporated into your wedding day!

I hope that these few tips helped and that you have the perfect Valentine’s Day.

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Love Nicole x

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