Finding a Wedding Venue - The Questions You Should Be Asking


27 February 2019

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Finding a Wedding Venue – The Questions You Should Be Asking

Finding a wedding venue should be a very exciting task – once you’ve decided on this, the rest of your planning can unfold.

For some people, venue searching may be a daunting task and that’s usually because they aren’t entirely sure of the questions they should be asking the venue.

Before attending viewings, I’d recommend ensuring that the venue is appropriate to the wedding you have in mind. For example, if you’re set on inviting 200 guests, then there’s no point in you looking at venues that can only cater for 50 guests. Most venues have such information on their websites, and if they don’t, it might be worth giving them a call before you head over for a viewing.

I’d recommend clarifying the following, before attending a viewing:

  • How many guests can they accommodate for the ceremony and the reception?
  • Do they have availability on your chosen wedding day?
  • Is the venue within your budget?

It would be such a shame to fall in love with a venue, only to find out that it’s not possible to host your wedding there.

Ask The Right Questions

If you find a wedding venue you like after having viewed a few, there are further questions I would recommend you ask. I would avoid signing a contract before clarifying the following:

  • What does the standard payment schedule look like?
  • What is the venue’s cancellation policy?
  • How are payments handled?
  • Does the venue have a minimum spend?
  • Does the cost of the venue include everything? Is VAT included?
  • Is furniture, glassware, linen, etc. included in the cost?
  • Would you have exclusive use of the venue?
  • Does the venue have it’s own catering service? Can you use your own caterer?
  • Does the venue offer a menu tasting?
  • What drink options does the venue offer?
  • Can you provide your own alcohol? Do they charge for corkage?
  • Does the venue have accommodation available for you and your guests?
  • If so, are guests offered any sort of discount on venue accommodation?
  • Is parking available at the venue? If so, how many spaces and where?
  • When do final guest numbers need to be confirmed?
  • Will there be anyone available to help set up on the day?
  • When will you have access to the property?
  • Does the venue have any restrictions on personalisation and decorating of the venue?
  • Does the venue allow the use of confetti?
  • Are there sound restrictions on the property?
  • What time does the wedding have to finish?
  • Does the venue allow the use of candles and fireworks?

If your wedding is outside, I’d also recommend asking the venue to talk you through their backup plan, in case of bad weather.

This may seem like a lot of questions to ask, but it’s better to be sure before putting a deposit down on the wrong venue.

Don’t forget that we can help you on your wedding planning journey – a full venue search is part of our ‘The Works’ Package. We do all of the question asking for you!

Happy venue hunting!

Love Nicole x

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