Christmas Themed Wedding in Warwickshire


19 December 2019

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Christmas Themed Wedding In Warwickshire

If you’re considering a Christmas themed wedding, then you have probably asked yourself – ‘How can I have a Christmas themed wedding, but keep it unique?’. Organising weddings is our specialty, and we have some great suggestions to help you ensure that your wedding stands apart from the rest.

To make a Christmas themed wedding tasteful, the decoration should be simple. The main idea of a themed wedding, is to not overdo it with the decoration. A simple and elegant decorative element can achieve the romantic atmosphere required for the occasion. Here are some useful suggestions from us on how to create the perfect Christmas themed wedding.


A suggestion which we pass on to couples who choose to get married at Christmas time is to move away from the typical colour palette of red and green. This way you can achieve something more unexpected.

For example, you can choose to use whites to represent snow, and add some touches of brown and gold. Alternatively, a palette of grey, hints of red berries, and champagne-coloured touches in your tableware are a great way to elegantly style your Christmas themed table.

Christmas Tree

It’s completely your choice whether you opt to include a Christmas tree in your day or not. We suggest trying one of two options:

  1. You could go really big and make the tree the centrepiece of your wedding decoration.
  2. Opt for something smaller and style this with similar colours to your other decorations, so that it blends in a little more.

You could even make the tree a bigger part of your day by having guests personalise a bauble of their own, which they can then add to the tree!

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To incorporate Christmas in to your wedding flowers, you could include traditional Christmas flowers such as poinsettia or holly.

The key to a successful Christmas wedding theme, is to ensure you carry your colour palette through to the flowers, too. Try to incorporate subtle hints from your colour scheme into your flower arrangements.


Another Christmas style idea which we love is incorporating lots of lights. You could have these scattered across your venue – on trees, around beams, and around windows. You could enhance your lighting using candles, to create a warm, natural, and romantic atmosphere.


If you plan on hiring a photo booth, or making your own photo corner, you could incorporate fun Christmas theming. This could include Father Christmas beards, Christmas hats, and even crackers!

We're Here to Help

We would love to help you plan and style your Christmas themed wedding. We have many more ideas to make your wedding truly magical at such a special time of year.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss wedding ideas with you over a hot chocolate and mince pie!

Love Nicole x

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