Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer for you


23 January 2020

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Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer for you

Ensuring that all of your amazing memories are captured on your wedding day, in the way that you want them to be, is so important.

The photographs taken on your day are something that you will cherish for the rest of your life – you’ll frame them and hang them on your walls, you’ll print them in to beautiful books, you’ll share them with others while discussing the fun you had on that day, and you may even hand them down to your children.

It’s therefore so (SO!) incredibly important that you make sure that you choose the right wedding photographer for you.

Here’s how we’d recommend that you do just that:

Refer to your budget

Firstly, ensure that you fully understand how much money you have available to spend on your wedding photographer. This can be quite a large expense, so it’s best to understand how high you can go, before you go any further.

Have a good think!

Spend some time with your other half, thinking carefully about what you want from your wedding photographer. This should include the style you want from the final images, any specific images you’d like, and what you’d like to be included in the package that you book with your chosen photographer. If you’re hoping to book a videographer for your wedding, you may also want to consider whether you’d like this to be done by your photographer, or if you’d like to keep these things separate.

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Research, research, research

Once you’ve got your budget in mind, and you have a clear idea of what you want, spend some time researching photographers that cover the area you are getting married in. Have a really good look at the services they offer, and the portfolio of photographs that they have displayed on their website. We’d suggest narrowing down to three choices.

Book meetings

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, we’d recommend booking meetings with each of them. Be prepared – take along a list of questions you’d like to ask them, and ideas of shots that you’d definitely like to capture on your day. The most important part of this meeting, is to get to know each of the photographers. While you’re with them, consider these questions – Do you get on with them? Do they make you feel comfortable? Do they act professionally? Do they clearly understand the photographs you’d like from your day? If the answer to any of these is no, then they probably aren’t right for you. If the answers are a clear yes, then it seems you’ve found the right choice! If you don’t feel right about any of the three that you meet at this stage, then simply return to your research.

Engagement / pre-wedding shoot

If you’re keen to get a clear idea of what a photographer would be like on your wedding day, then you could always book an engagement shoot, or a pre-wedding shoot with them. Some photographers offer a pre-wedding shoot as part of their package, and some offer it as an add-on. This isn’t always necessary, but it may be the key to set your mind at ease!

Once you’ve done all of the above and are happy with everything, you should feel confident enough to book your chosen wedding photographer. Once you have booked them, simply relax and trust in your photographer to deliver your dream photographs!


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Love Charlotte x

Our suggestions

Here are some suggested photographers, to get you started on your research:

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· Katie Ingram Photography
· Alex Bradbury
· Chris Fossey Photography

Wedding photographers based in Leicestershire
· Ed Brown Photography
· Matt Glover Photography
· Grace Nicole Photography

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· Harry Ward Photography & Videography
· Stark Weddings – Film & Photography
· Geoff Kirby Photography

Wedding photographers in Northamptonshire
· Gemma Willis Photography
· Sky Photography
· Sarah Vivienne Photography & Film

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