Can a Wedding Planner Save You Money?


22 November 2019

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Can a Wedding Planner Save You Money?

A common question seems to be, can a wedding planner save you money? There are several arguments to consider, but the answer is ultimately yes! Wedding planners can save you in a variety of ways – not just financially, but they can also save you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Let’s explore if a wedding planner can save YOU money and how they can help you…

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Supplier Connections

Wedding planners work with a wide variety of wedding suppliers on a daily basis. We attend wedding fairs, we meet at events, and we even meet just through the power of social media (#weddingprofessionals). This means that we have a lot of connections and can easily suggest the best suppliers suited to your wedding.

It may take hours upon hours of your time to find a suitable wedding cake supplier, to create your seven tiered Game of Thrones inspired masterpiece. But we know who to contact instantly!

These are suppliers that we have built relationships with, and that we know and trust will provide the best service for your wedding.

It is a scary prospect, putting trust in a supplier and assuming that you can believe in them to provide the service that you want and need to make your wedding day perfect. Money can be spent by paying numerous deposits on suppliers that aren’t what you expect them to be, or they aren’t able to provide what you need. Wedding planners only work with trustworthy suppliers and people we know will work well for us and you. Plus, we keep in contact with them to make sure that they arrive on the day and provide you with the best possible service. Trust in our supplier connections to make that happen for you!

Because of our connections, we may also receive the odd discount here and there. Different planners work in a variety of ways but as part of our ethos, as a member of the UKAWP, we hand any discounts we receive on to our clients. This ensures that you save money and benefit from our supplier relationships. This practice is something we are really proud of!


Wedding planners can also save you money by keeping on top of your budget. After providing us with your wedding budget, we create a bespoke budget breakdown for you that we work from during the whole planning process. This budget lists every supplier required, and how much we can set aside for each.

There is no need to compromise, we can provide you with the best suppliers possible for the budget you have set. This means that money is not spent unnecessarily, and you know exactly where your money is going.

If necessary, we may also negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, to ensure that you pay the right price for services you are receiving.


It may sound a bit cliché, but wedding planners save you time, and you can’t put a price on time! Get back those weekends you will spend anxiously flipping through magazines, or trawling Pinterest and Instagram. Get back those weekends by skipping wedding fairs, which may also save you extra money on tickets and travel costs!

You may wonder – how many hours does a wedding take to plan? This year The Independent stated that a modern wedding takes 528 hours to plan, that’s 22 whole days! Weddings today are getting more and more intricate and elaborate, and most couples have stated that wedding planning is like having a second job. Hiring a wedding planner can simply take away all of those hours.

Using up your spare time on wedding planning can add serious stress to your life (and cause arguments!). Wedding planners can save you your sanity and avoid you stressing over the fine details – that’s what we are trained for, and here to do!

Aren’t Wedding Planners Super?

It may feel like a commitment to hire a wedding planner, however, in countries such as America and Australia it is considered odd to not have a wedding planner. The first thing newly engaged couples do in countries such as these, is pick their wedding planner. They are a go to and a necessity! And as proven above, there is good reason for it.

If you long to have a wedding like the ones featured in luxury wedding magazines, then wedding planners have the tools to help you. Providing you with a beautiful and timeless wedding is our main aim, but we also aim to save you money where we can.

So, can a wedding planner save you money? Well, all in all we think wedding planners can and do save you money!

To find out how we can help you plan your wedding, get in touch via our contact form and check out our available packages. We would love to help you save money and create the wedding of your dreams.

Love Nicole x

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